Management Development Program (MDP) - MRI Wexford
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Management Development Program (MDP)

Management Development Program (MDP)

I wanted to thank you for everything you have thought me over the last number of weeks, it really has been both eye opening and motivating. It is all about how you put the information together, and how you put that across in such a way that I feel all the small steps and changes I have been working on since the course started (and the many more I will continue to do) will make a huge difference to our business.  

It has been a fantastic experience and one that I will take many things from for a very very long time (no more ‘busy’ answers ever!)

I will, without doubt, miss our class every Tuesday morning. I actually can’t speak highly or praise you enough. You made a very difficult subject and tasks seem achievable and I know we will be a better business for it going forward. I could never have imagine learning so much and I enjoyed your anecdotal approach and how you made us all feel that we can make great change and progress by making simple and slight changes. The Issue Template folder will never leave my desk 😉 

Thanks again for everything, I would love to keep in contact and value your thoughts and advice that I would like to be able to work with you again in the future.Take care and continue to enjoy spreading all that wisdom you have in your head, it is worth gold.