Client Testimonials - MRI Wexford
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Client Testimonials

“My experience of taking part in Blaise’s Owner Manager Course can simply be best compared to eating porridge for breakfast: It provides a constant slow release of inspiration, skills and tools that energises my business every day. Thank you for everything.”

 Anna Wickham


‘If I was to use one word to describe the OMDP and Blaise’s contribution to-date it would be, ‘Pivotal’.  How does one find true north without a compass? Blaise and the OMDP continue to supply this compass to direct our business.’

 Jim Hughes (Innovate Ltd)

Very wise words Blaise – as always, your insights are worth taking some time out from the daily hum drum to stop for a moment and reset.



Thanks a mill Blaise

It was the best input of time this winter and I certainly have developed as an owner/manager as a result.  I’m hoping my husband Colm will partake in the next session.  Thanks one again for sharing the knowledge in a dressed down easy to understand manner.

Mary Fennin Byrne – Clanard Court Hotel

Thank you Blaise,

Blaise I’ve enjoyed attending class each week and making changes at work. I’m looking forward to stretching myself and seeing how far we can get… You are a fantastic teacher and an even better human being, truly an inspirational role model.



Blaise, I just wanted to send you a quick thank you, which I have intended to send you for the last 4 weeks but held until I knew we had reached our February targets.

Prior to meeting you and attending your course I was getting fed up with my business and wondering why the fuck I continued at it. I had lost my enthusiasm for it and was so busy working I didn’t get to see the big picture.

Our weekly chats at the course and my one to one chats with you re-invigorated me and provided me with enthusiasm for the business again. They also helped me put things into perspective

It was great to have a mentor on a weekly basis, allowing me to concentrate on the ‘business’ for a few hours per week.

Apart from me thinking about the business you gave me some great nuggets of advice. I have really adopted the following mantra:

·         Focus on the rocks

·         Make time to focus on the important end of the business:

o   Customer relations

o   Sales & pricing

o   Assisting staff to increase their output

o   Staff retention

·         Introduce the diary system so my staff and I can review work completed & revenue earned daily, rather than monthly.

·         Manage the silence (Although still learning on this one)

I know there will be twists and turns and tough times ahead but I certainly feel more prepared for the inevitable things that will go wrong.

There are people that I met along the road that influenced me and I would like you to know that you have been a major influence on me – for the better. Thank you for your influence, good humor and common sense for the last 6 months. 

Tom Rowan

Hi Blaise, 

Well I must say I really enjoyed the program this time around I got so much out of it and it has changed my business mindset for a second time in my life. I like to thank you for your help and advice it has been priceless. My main objective is to stay focused on both business going forward now and I know I can hear your voice when I feel myself drift a bit it brings me back into line with words in my head like : widgets, waste, invoice, silence, I could go on. It was great to work also with a great bunch of people from all types of business and to watch everyone opening up as the weeks went on it was only then we start learning from each other. 

You are a great teacher and a mentor.

John Murphy    

Thanks Blaise and of course I mentioned you yesterday and will do in the final also. I have learned more from you than any other course I have ever done and I have done a lot of them. Your practicality holds no bounds best tutor and mentor ever.

Bernie Carroll.

Blaise was someone I looked forward going to .He has a relaxed manner while still able to deliver the message clearly .Most of what we need is good practical common sense and Blaise has this in abundance. He never judged but certainly encouraged and made success within reach.

josephine o’hagan owner attipperary tack co.


I would like to thank you for the huge (yes, I would say huge) impact you made on my mind and spirit. I was never really “into” learning but through you (your Programmes) and the journey of running our own business, I have learned and have grown into a bigger and better person.

I have learned to be courageous, resilient and tough and believe I am reaching my potential, and look forward to learning more in my new position.

I would not be where I am today without your words of wisdom and advice – and that is a fact.   

Knowing that you have helped someone like me and seeing how a small business like ours has done well for itself gives you satisfaction I know. Looking forward to bumping into you at an event or listening to you in the not too distance future

Wishing you all the best



Hello Blaise,

This is not a business letter. I hope you are keeping well.

I was up at 7am this morning trying to get paper work out of the way so I might be able to see my parents tomorrow, with staff holidays I had put things on the long finger.

I am just entering my 12th year in Business, I was with you when I was just over 2 years and it was the best thing I ever did. It’s a long time since you asked everyone in the class what their business was and I said, ” I sell knickers”.

I don’t think you’ll ever know how much you affect people, for me the turning point in my life was the night we had to submit  our work. The week before you had said the dead line was next  Thursday, all week I tried to finish my business plan, but I didn’t think it was any good, I had the floor full of torn up paper (” as I didn’t see myself as REAL business person”). Driving to the course the next Thursday and all that night, I  was going over and over in my head what I was going to say to you and what you might say to me. Telling myself “No I’m just not doing it, I’m an adult what am I worried about?, What can he do about it?.

when the talk was over, I took a deep breath and call you aside. As I started to tell you that I didn’t have anything to hand in, You just looked at me, touched my arm and said very calm and quietly, Deirdre I know there are some people in this room that won’t be able to do it, But I know you will, so I’m going to give you another week to hand in your work. (” Oh Blaise you are very very  good, I didn’t see that one coming at all, of all the thing I thought you might say, that never entered my head, talk about a rabbit caught in head lights, you put the ball straight back in my court”), It was like you knew what I had planed.

I went home in a panic but on a high, I came through the front door saying to my husband.. OMG you’ll never guess what Blaise said to me. For the first time someone had shown real belief  and faith in me, and not just anyone, you, the person that everyone looked up to in business. Thank so so much, I didn’t realize at the time, that’s what I was lacking the
most, but maybe you did.

I went on to get a B+ for my work, and turned it to a real business Diva. I still draw from that today.  Thank you so much.

Although I’m still always looking for  ways to work smarter, I have the confidence to trust myself a little bit more than I would have, if I hadn’t taken the course and meet you, they don’t call it “Spring board” for nothing .  I hope you are in good health and life is good to you.

Wishing you all the best,

Lot’s of Love,



Blaise, as you know it has been a real pleasure to have met you and an invaluable experience. As you predicted I am now more of a business person and intend to make a better business out of AMOC.


 Mette O’Connor


Thanks Blaise for all your PRACTICAL advice and valuable techniques to run our businesses in a more practical, realistic and informative way now and long into the future.

We will never look at rocks, monkeys or elephants in the same light again and we will always remember your unique teaching skills through story telling as only a true Kerry man can tell them.

Wicklow LEO Class 2014-15   OMDP.


Blaise, your name has come up in conversation in a number of different forums since I began the OMDP course, the most common noun, across all conversations has been ‘integrity’, this in my opinion is the highest form of success.



Having attended Blaise Brosnan MRI course I found it extremely beneficial for my business. Blaise is organized, efficient, extremely helpful and full of practical information. I would highly recommend the course to any business looking to improve their bottom line.


Blaise I hope this finds you well.Just a quick email to thank you so much for the last 20 weeks.  They were fantastic, inspirational and most importantly really enjoyable.  

You know Blaise, I truly believe that people come into your life for a reason and for sure that is the case with yourself.  I have been at school since I left school as I tell my children and a lot of the time the “academic” jargon fades away into the background but not with yourself. 

You thought life lessons Blaise, lessons that will stand to us forever and a day.  Lessons that we can put into practice on a daily basis or indeed when we need to action same as you say, “at the crunch moment”.  Lessons that will help us grow as people as well as business people and for that I am truly grateful. A few of the key learnings I will take away are as follows: 

·         Never apologise for being in business and making money. 

·         Kill the rocks and the rest will follow. 

·         Know you’re Key Money and how many sales you need to ensure this is covered. 

·         Know what your competitors are doing and what the market is like but do not let the small minority sway you re your own pricing structure. 

·         Don’t be afraid to pass back that “monkey”. 

You are a true and generous gentleman and now a friend.

  Fergal O Reilly.

To know that Blaise is at the other end of the phone is like having a hotline to a pillar of savvy common sense – invaluable.


Claire Goodwillie     (Goodwillie Design)

Blaise is one of a kind, great at his job, lovely person, easy to understand and talk to. He inspired me with self worth and courage to go on.

Teresa Keogh Owner, Smart Sewing



Many thanks again, it’s always a pleasure to talk to you as you are such an excellent listener and always mange to hit the target questions. You have a fantastic way of making the wheels in my brain keep turning, long after you have left !



I have participated in courses facilitated by Blaise through the Kildare County Enterprise Board and found both courses to be invaluable. I have always found Blaise to be straight talking and honest. I still refer to his notes and books for “nuggets” of wisdom when required. I would recommend his courses and books to any business person serious about driving on their business.

 Sandra Cuffe Director Printscan Support Services Ltd



I met Blaise through the O.M.D.P. run by the county enterprise boards. He challenged us to think differently, to think bigger and to follow up on the challenges we set ourselves. Blaise is a great motivator and does not believe in panic. His advice and counsel is invaluable to any business.


Ken O Brien  Owner at Ken O Brien Carpentry and Building.

Blaise was a mentor on the Owner Manager Development Programme through South Tipperary Enterprise Board which I attended in 2009. I really benefited from attending and the approach taken by Blaise in facilitating the workshops was interesting, stimulating and allowed for cross learning between the participants.

Michael O’Brien Managing Director at HRS Business Solutions



Blaise is devoted to the belief in the power of the individual to improve their business to be more profitable and  at the same time remain focused on their long term life goals.

Declan FitzGerald Senior Partner, BKRM



Blaise has extensive knowledge of what it takes to develop a business. He has a really effective approach to passing that knowledge on to his student s and clients, and played a key role in helping me to establish my consulting business. If you need help in starting-up a new business, or re-energizing an existing business, you won’t find a better mentor.

Hugh Ivory Owner, Best Outcomes


I found the Management Development Programme delivered by Blaise to be a key link in developing a clear strategy and clarity of purpose for Voice EngineerIreland. We are definitely in a more positive position since completing to course, Blaise’s discussion based style of learning, was interesting and informative. I can honestly say that I gained more from attending this course than I did from my recently completed Masters. We look forward to working with Blaise in the future.

Lloyd O’ Rourke Director at Voice EngineerIreland


Blaise is a master of business, a true guru in his field. I have found his advise and expertise to be invaluable in helping me to develop and grow my business. My “output” has increased dramatically and sales have followed. His two books are an excellent source of information and inspiration. Thanks for everything Blaise.

Kate Gaynor   —-Advanced Coatings. 


I attended a management course given by Blaise on behalf of the Carlow County Enterprise Board a number of years ago and can wholeheartedly say that the experience was an invaluable one. I have recommended the course to several people since then and all those who attended the course in subsequent years were unequivocal in their praise. I still refer to Blaise’s notes from time to time and find them extremely useful. I have no hesitation in recommending Blaise for his insight.

Eoin Kehoe    Owner, Kehoe Auctioneers Ltd


Blaise always delivered, it was a joy to attend the training course. The language and examples Blaise used were always understandable and appropriate. i always left with more knowledge after listening to blaise, I still go to him for advise safe in the knowledge that he will ask the right questions and our conversation is entirely confidential.

Sinead Maher 


Blaise is a business management consultant and I have attended two courses delivered by Blaise. He is a fountain of knowledge and advice and has contributed in no small way and will continue to contribute to the success of my company. His advice and guidance is well researched, practical and to-the-point. He comes highly recommended from us.

Conor Holmes Founder, Outside The Box Learning Resources Ltd.


Engaging Blaise Brosnan will enhance any company or individual. He will show them how to “put themselves in a position of strength”, create the tools “to help them win the debate in their own head” and “take the opportunity in the lifetime of the opportunity”. Listen to Blaise, read his books and do not let the opportunity to work with Blaise pass you by.

Dermot Bolger 


I have found Blaise extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the business world, and always found his advice helpful and thought provoking. Looking forward to his next book.

Barry Kirwan Owner, Hughes & Sons


I undertook a Management Development Programme with Blaise Brosnan as our Mentor/Tutor. I thoroughly enjoyed the programme, which was made all the more interesting and effective due to Blaise’s expertise and approach to the subject matter. His immense experience working with businesses encouraged a trust that may not have been achieved with another organization. I would encourage any business, large or small to enlist Blaise to assist, particularly struggling businesses that may need some focus and direction on their business model.

Tracey Quinlan Owner, Evolve Training & Recruitment Ltd.


“I have had the benefit of Blaise’s advice and support for the past number of years in both a formal and informal capacity. Blaise has been an exceptional resource to me and one I value very highly.
I am happy to recommend Blaise and have no doubt he will add value and benefit anyone who engages with him.”

Eddie Horkan  Director at Senubo Ltd.


Participation in the Blaise Brosnan’s Management Development Programme and his Business Development Programme by an Owner/Manager of any SME is just common sense. The same common sense that will be presented by Blaise will be in context and relevant to all businesses regardless of its purpose. I wholeheartedly recommend taking part and being part of it. I did and my business and I are reaping the rewards on a daily basis. It’s just common sense.

Niall Browne Director | CJ Browne & Sons Ltd


Blaise has a wealth of information when it comes to business. I participated in The Owner Manager Programme several years ago and I found Blaise to be a very effective and supportive instructor.

Karen Nolan Graphic designer and illustrator


The Management Development Programme delivered by Blaise can only be described as “the best thing since sliced pan”. It was a powerful learning experience and I am still benefiting from the results!

Margaret Culhane   Managing Director. C & M Safety Ltd


Blaise is so creative with his course work that learning becomes fun. He has many years experience and is extremely knowledgeable in his field. I would not hesitate to  recommend Blaise and MRIWEX to business professionals as a consultant, mentor or trainer.

John Warburton C.O.O at


Over the last ten years Blaise Brosnan has had an enormous influence on our business through his unique and realistic approach to business management. My first experience with Blaise was a Management Development Programme organized by the Carlow Enterprise Board and it made such a difference to how we approached issues within our company that I enrolled for the same course several years later. Blaise has an incredible understanding of the Key Business Metrics across a diverse range of industries and he is exceptional at helping business owner’s understand how to focus on the core elements that are important to making their business successful. I would highly recommend Blaise and the services of his company to any individual or Organisation.

Bryan Corden Owner, Deycom Computer Services Ltd


I took a course with Blaise a couple of years ago and I can’t even describe how helpful and insightful his advice was. Blaise has an amazing wealth of information and experience with so many different business models of all sizes, I would not hesitate to recommend Blaise. He is a wonderful professional and it was a privilege to work with him.

Clare Jordan Designer atClare Jordan Designs


I had the opportunity to participate in a Wicklow County Enterprise Board Management Development Programme in 2011/2012, which was conducted by Blaise Brosnan. Blaise is a very experienced business professional with an exceptional knowledge of business matters and finding practical business solutions for companies. I particularly found most helpful his one-to-one coaching sessions and can honestly say my business has substantially benefited from his business advice and tips.

Niall Glynn Owner & DirectorNiall Glynn & Associates Limited


Blaise did some management consultancy for us at Nemeton TV. It was very valuable. He was the right man at the right time with the right things to say. The teams have been quoting him since. Go raibh maith agat, we’ll get to do some more in the future. April 10, 2012

Irial Mac Murchú Managing Director at Nemeton TV


I met Blaise at a Management Development Programme run by North Cork Enterprise Board. I found Blaise very easy to work with and his advice & business ideas are top class. I highly recommend anyone who is starting out on their own or having problems to make contact with Blaise for advice or any help needed. He has a vast insight of all areas of the business industry and will certainly point you in the right direction. You will be a better business manager after meeting Blaise. Highly Recommend.

 Glynn Mac CarthyMD at Froststop


I have during my work history had many dealings with Blaise in relation to three different business sectors and all on an advisory capacity. Blaise no matter how busy or how many large projects he is working on always takes the time to address my questions. His fresh approach in terms of advice on business strategy, management, growth or re inventing a business is a “Must for any Business” A Blaise Brosnan Strategy will have practical tips that can be implemented quickly and will show immediate results for business. Bliase like no other will ask Managers hard questions that need to be addressed and work with the Manager to implement the solutions that are right for the Person and the Business.

Joanne Morrissey Marketing Co-ordinator at ille Paper Services (IRL)


Blaise provides a business development course that acts as a catalyst to better manage and grow business goals. The tools provided are succinct yet powerful and brought me to the conclusion that work is more fun than fun!

John Cleere Director at RedLemonade Creative


I met Blaise through the Management Development Programme that he runs through the Kildare County Enterprise Board. I found his business advice and expertise very valuable to my business. He has a wealth of knowledge to tap into and I feel he has taken my business to the next level. I would highly recommend him as a business mentor and would have no hesitation in calling him for his opinion in the future.

Corena O’Brien Managing Director at Gardner HRM Ltd


I worked with Blaise for two years in conjunction with the Kildare Enterprise Board. The knowledge i gained from him has helped me tremendously during these hard times. I would highly recommend him for any challenging task that may be given to him.

Bill Ryan Owner, Millbrook Press


As well as being an inspirational & thoughtful mentor, Blaise provided excellent practical guidance to our company. Highly recommended.

Cian Boland   Business Development


I have been on the ‘Management Development Programme’ delivered by Blaise through the County Enterprise Board. I would have no problem in recommending this course or indeed Blaise to any other owner/managers. He gives you cause to step outside of your business & look at what is going on – being going right or wrong. As a facilitator, he can show you very simple ways to increase your bottom line – just 5 % can make a huge difference- If you want that 5 % -talk to Blaise.

Andy Spillane Managing Director at Savvy Kitchens


Blaise Brosnan has provided invaluable mentoring to our business for 15 years from the early start-up stages, through set-backs and difficulties, to growth and success. His method of encouraging each individual always brings a sense of personal achievement as well as the desired results for the business.

Helen Delaney  Owner, ProVac Ltd.


Blaise is an inspiring business coach who helps focus the mind on the key issues facing the modern business. He encourages each individual to gain the maximum from his courses and is flexible in his approach so that areas that interest the group can be addressed. He has vast experience in many different industries which gives him a comprehensive view of business and will also advise companies on an individual basis. I have benefited from his sage advice and pithy sayings and have encouraged other key members of our company to attend his business courses. April 10, 2012

 Sue Jackson Manager at Pat Lee Electrical Pumps & Engineering


Clarity, Energy, Integrity, Intelligence, Generosity. Blaise is innately trustworthy, so it is easy to open up on the business and the essential relationship between you, the owner, and the business. Then, he has the ability to break down problems into bite size actions; separates issues from excuses – and builds in you the energy, focus and clear vision to move forward with confidence. I’d heartily recommend Blaise as a person, business consultant and advisor.

John O’Connor Founder, Red Oak Tax Refunds


Blaise has many years experience of business and has passed on some of his wisdom and secrets to us, his knowledge and ideas are first class. He is very easy to work with and his training can only help to run your business correctly and drive it on at the same time.

David Delaney General Manager at Pure World Water Ltd


Blaise provided expert advice and support as a business mentor and gave us great know-how in expanding our business.

Carmel Cregan Director of Q.A. Resources Limited and QA Contractor


Blaise’s in-depth knowledge and training expertise is invaluable to many small businesses such as mine. Blaise helps to ensure that the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train coming at you.

James Mc Alister Owner at Streetwise Guides


Blaise is a great mentor he got us to think out side the box .I could not speak highly enough of him. I have recommend him to other business people I know that would benefit from his skills.

john murphy Owner, murphy concrete products


I first met Blaise through a County Enterprise Board business owner management course which ran for 4 hours per day for about 16 weeks. Running a business requires skill sets across a range of disciples from a financial to HR. In my experience I have not met another consultant with such an in-depth knowledge of every aspect of small business management. I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Blaise.

Denis McCarthy Director at Garrymore Farm Ltd


Blaise Brosnon came into our lives a few years ago and things have never been the same. With his gentle manner, practical no nonsense approach to business and years of practical experience Blaise has helped us on our journey to success. We have a long way to go but knowing Blaise is at our side gives us the confidence to continue. I cannot recommend Blaise highly enough.

Margaret Kirwan Director at Goatsbridge trout farm


We had a course with Blaise when we started our first company. He opened our eyes and ears to many of the practicalities of running a business. Since then he has always been a consistent and trustworthy source of expert knowledge and sound advice. His wide range and number of years of experience over companies large and small gives me great confidence in all he does.

Teri Morris Founder at YouSteps


Blaise is an incredible trainer and advisor who inspires wisdom and diligence in all those he works with. We have availed of his services many times and know that he’s always only a phone call away, even now, to offer his expert opinion, guidance and experience.

Mary Healy Chocolate / Ice Cream Maker / Tourism Venue


We did the course with Blaise and found it of great value in the every day running of our business , we would highly recommend it to anyone and have done to several friends.

donal kehoe Owner, Slaneyside Kennels


Our use of Blaise’s services came via the County Enterprise Board. I attended many of his workshops, and found them all to be very practical, and while various concepts were aired, we never strayed too far from the fundamentals. My office manager completed the Management Development Programme with Blaise, and since then I have been able to rely on him more and more. I believe that someone starting out in business, or in a business in transition could do a lot worse than “paint by numbers” following one of Blaise’s courses or books.

Brian Murray  Independant Financial Adviser, Customer Champion, Financial Broker,


I attended a management course Blaise delivers for Wicklow Enterprise Board and I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it. Blaise was instrumental in showing me how to make the changes required in both thinking and forward planning to allow me to achieve my goals. He is very well informed and has a very easy going manner which allowed all present to relax and feel at ease during the course which i think helped us greatly. He has a natural ability and understanding at management level which I found invaluable and his ability to cut to the chase really helped me focus on my business at a time of expansion. I would highly recommend Blaises services to any start up or mature SME and I look forward to gaining more insights from him in the future.

Damien Keane  Damien Keane Garden Design 


What we can say about how Blaise Brosnan ia a “big ask” as he has touched every fibre of how we do our business. So without writing an endorsement book, I can simply say I produced a slide titled “If it can be Dreamed of it can be Done” this was for an award which we won “Recognition of Excellence”. Blaise Brosnan gave our company the personal and business tools to bring our dream to a reality, thank you B

Seamus Phelan. Lifting & Handling Services Ltd.


I found the course excellent all the way through. I was a little sceptical as to what it could offer me on the back of a very busy 2 year MBA program in 2205-2007. However, Blaise gave practical advice that got to the root of many of the problems that SME business’s encounter. I particularly found his time managment ( sand and rocks ) section of interest, but even more so, the pricing module. While it seems obvious now, the increase in margin on the right products made a huge amount of sense. Thanks again Blaise, and if I sell enough wine, maybe I’ll be able to get you back in as the company grows
Gary Gubbins, Red Nose Wine.


Hi Blaise,  I would say one the best nuggests I gleaned from you was “what ever gets measured gets done.”
For example we started measuring “profit” rather than “turnover” for our sales targets. We took our marketing goals and turned those into measurable targets as well.
Both activities are obviously linked to the vitial inflow of working capital into the business, and now that they are clearly measured they most certainly get done.
Thanks again for the great MDP course and for the excellent source of reference we also have in your book. Regards,
– Tadhg Kenny


“Blaise has a unique talent of making you challenge the way you think in relation to your business. His practical advice and guidance generate energy and confidence to drive your business forward.
As an added bonus having his book ” You are the limiting factor” as a reference book is terrific and highly recommended.”
– Geraldine


In my 20yrs of working life the Owner Management Development Programme is without doubt one if not the most practical and useful programme or course that I have undertaken.
The strategies can be applied to literally any business and there were several very useful learning points. One important point for me is measurement. It’s very easy to be “busy” but busy doing what?
I now try to have a clear goal from day to day, do what is important and measure on a week to week basis performance.   Thank you Blaise!
Ger Kelly


Hi Blaise.

I have yet again used your expression ‘Kill it off’ to my colleague in admin and explained the term.Life is great with me, business is forever changing and thankfully my thought process is exploring and questioning all that I do.

I will finally get the opportunity to work on the business come September and no longer host classes myself – Phew! Every day is a jewel, exciting exhilarating and rewarding.

You have a lot to answer for Blaise, you have played a role in the current changes of Weigh Lighter.So – thank you for your words of inspiration and motivation.



My favourite takeaway from the Management Development Programme… that I use every week… is to decide first and foremost on WHAT has to be done (and WHY), and determine the HOW afterwards.
As Blaise rightly pointed out, we are apt to jump into the HOW too soon.
Once we know where we want to go, there are always many roads that can get us there.
Thanks for that nugget, and many others Blaise.
– Andy Black


Blaise,  The Management Development Programme (M.D.P.) was terrific. I am delighted to have your book in my office to which I can refer now that the M.D.P. is over.
For me, 2 gems stand out from having participated in the M.D.P. and from having read your book:
1. The market doesn\’t care if we are busy – the market only cares about output.
2. The importance of clarity of purpose in business.
Thanks Blaise for all the support and advice during the last few months.
Wishing you all the very best,
Colin Carroll



The MDP course was a welcome break each week, where I stopped running my business and spent some time thinking about it. His book  You are the Limiting Factor sits on my desk and whenever I find myself wasting time I pick it up and open at random. The format of the book is ideal in that way as it lets you pick a random topic, remind yourself what you should be doing and prompts you to do it.
After 30 years in the Corporate world, the practical emphasis of the MDP showed me that it\’s one thing to have heard it all before but another thing entirely when it’s your own money and reputation at stake.
I would suggest to all my competitors that they avoid this course. Everyone else should do it.
Look forward to meeting Blaise again soon.
– John Brophy.


I just wanted to thank you for the benefit that I got from the OMDP programme. Each week, it really felt like we were sharing each others experience and learning key points from each other each week – obviously this can only happen when someone like yourself is there to guide us, empower us and to share your own vast experience as well. It never felt like a chore and each week I learnt so much that showed me that I was not alone in any of the issues that a business person faces each day.
Thanks again and this programme has so much to give to people who participate on it.
Every business owner should go on this programme.
– Peter Mahon


Hi Blaise,  I thoroughly enjoyed the OMDP and miss the escape every Thursday evening and getting a chance to think about my business.
I took something away with me each week but the one thing that stands out for me is time management, my diary is now the only place I write things down and I sign off every day. By doing this I really feel I can relax in the evenings. I also love the 4 D’s: Do, Delegate, Delay or Dump!!
The OMDP helped me to get the most out of my business and in turn it gave me time to enjoy my personal family life more too.
Thank you so much Blaise and all the team who put this course together.
Clare Cherry Kinito


“Blaise, thank you for providing the best course I have ever been on. It has been a great help to me and the company in the long term.”
– Ruth  from IAS Laboratories


Blaise, Hope you are well . Just a short note to say thanks for all the help during the year , very informative course and i know i will put it to good use.
– Paddy


Good morning ,Blaise, I will have to find something NEW to do on weds. nights just a quick note to say thank you for the… REAWAKENING,qoute..”.THE GREATEST THREAT IS NOT FROM OUR COMPETITORS,BUT FROM OR OWN SUCCESS MAKING US LAZY”. Thank you for getting the juices flowing again not just in work but in my personal life as well. The issue templates are going very well for me,we are measuring much better as a team, doing the ‘kill’ much more often ,not to mention the ‘monkey’ I think the most important lesson I learnt was that very few people know there business inside out, and therefore one cannot assume that one knows everything that’s going on inside it ????and also one needs discipline to question all aspects of the business. We are advancing ’step by step’  decisions are becoming more concrete day by day meetings seem to have more direction and hopefully this will continue long term, and we are focusing much more on marketing OUTSIDE the’ FRONT DOOR’
Thanks again for most enjoyable nights OFF!!!!!
Talk to you soon! be sure and call for a coffee.  Regards,
– Mike Murphy


Dear Blaise,  I really enjoyed the programme thoroughly and I wished I had done it ten years ago!!!
However, there were two areas of your advise that go around in my head…Clarity of Purpose and Widgets.  Along with all the other points of light I feel the Silence one is vital.
I look at businesses differently now and when am in conversation with people who are running their businesses a lot of what I learnt comes into my head.
We can never stop learning. Thank You for your help in the very way that you give it.
– Anne Curran


Blaise Brosnan took me in hand some three years ago and made a business woman out of me.
He understands Human nature and is a natural teacher.
He talks ‘people language’ and has great patience.
I believed in him and took his medicine and I would recommend anyone, given the opportunity to do the same. You can have constant access to him via reading his books.
Louise Clark.


“For a Kerry man who claims that he cannot tell a joke, Blaise Brosnan can communicate his business theories through simple stories. I found his lectures to be stimulating and motivating!

 Marie Fenlon.


“Blaise was an invaluable mentor to me in my business – advising me on many levels, all of which were highly beneficial to the growth of my business. His ability to give an insightful overview from the outside in – and to extrapolate revealing information from figures and statistics provided was invaluable. He also brings an unrivalled level of business consultancy experience to any new enterprise. A highly valued business advisor.”

Cyril Murphy.  


“I had the pleasure of meeting Blaise 15 years ago and I can honestly say that the knowledge he portrayed to me has kept me in business to this day.”

Karol O’Shea, Menapia Properties


“Blaise has many years of experience in managment and business mentoring – has a great ability to see a way through difficulties with ease – highly recommended”

Jimmy Burke Professor of Crop Science


“I have known Blaise since 2008 when I completed the MRI Owner Manager course which he ran on behalf of the Wicklow County Enterprise Board.

Blaise is very approachable, he is a good  listener and communicator, with great business acumen.

I have found Blaise to be very objective in his advice for our practice, a significant ally, who has provided valuable input.

I am pleased to recommend Blaise.

Adrian Buckley Buckley Partnership Architects


“I attended two business development courses for owner managers(each 6 months). I came away each night full of ideas and inspiration to improve my business, which I did. I could not recommend Blaise strongly enough. If you ever have an opportunity to hear Blaise, jump at it.

Dr Jimmie Parkes MD Inter-Euro Technology Ltd”


“I have worked with Blaise in varying capacities both in group sessions and on individual support. Blaise has a very practical approach to business and the methods of achieving the goals you set for yourself. It is always easy to talk to Blaise as he has a lifetime of dealing with various businesses and their problems, and his own. Other than the fact that his alliance is to “The Kingdom” , I will,I am sure work with Blaise again and would have no hesitation in recommending him to others , which I have in the past.

Rocky Wall Business consultant.


Did a Management Development Programme with Blaise in 2009, Excellent down to earth approach to business, very easy to listen to with very pratical tips and good follow up.

Stephaine Keating.


“Blaise is a constant surprise at how he can break-down the barriers on how to manage your business. His knowledge, business acumen and wealth of professional advice are the reason he is much sought after. He makes every individual feel important when talking to them and never shy’s away from providing the necessary medicine to your business whether it be bitter or sweet. I look forward to many more interactions with Blaise over the coming years.”

Raymond Poole.



“I first met Blaise on the management programme run by Wicklow County Enterprise Board. I have also read both of his books. JACK, his last book was a great read as I could relate to a lot of Jacks’ experience. One important lesson I learnt from Blaise was that all experience good and bad can improve how you do business in the future. I learned that you have to be honest with yourself (not as easy as it sounds) and always be prepared. I can highly recommend Blaise for your business no matter what type of business you are involved in, and also to read “Your are the Limiting Factor” followed by my favourite book at the moment “JACK”

Paul Smith  Chef.


“Blaise’s advice and guidance has proved invaluable to me in running my business and in getting it to where it is now. Not only does he have vast theoretical knowledge about how to run a business, but also real examples from his years of working with organisations; he then translates these into practical advice and guidance which was directly applicable to my company.”

Eileen O Connell    at Interactions.


“We have had contact with Blaise over several years and find his experience and business knowledge a valuable input in our growing organisation. Proof of the pudding is the fact that we are still calling on Blaise as an external consultant & most importantly a mentor for our business. We would have no hesitation in recommending Blaise as a consultant / mentor.

RichardCotter DirectorPark 100″



“If there is a business advisor to whom the description of expert applies, then here is that advisor. Without fail, Blaise brings wisdom and common sense to bear – one comes away with clarity and confidence every time. He is our first port of call.”


Tremayne Horkan   MD at Evergreen Internships Ltd.


“I thought that I was a good manager but after a course with Blaise I was able to re-adjust the priorities and compliment my management skills with leadership and strategic thinking. In a simple but practicable way Blaise enabled me to focus on the key issues with a long term view as well as dealing with day-to-day matters. Now I think that I am a better manager! Thanks Blaise.”

Ted MurrayClaneBusinessPark.


“I would highly recommend Blaise to people in business, he gave us a lot of hands-on practical tools for managing our buisness. Best of luck Blaise and kind regards

Grace GardeEnvironmental Education guide



“I am delighted to recommend Blaise as a highly respected and a much sought after business expert whose enthusiasm for his work is infectious.
Blaise has an effortless way of communicating his knowledge and in a way everyone can relate to. Whether it’s through attending his presentations, conversing with him one to one or reading his books, I am always wiser for his business acumen and experience.”

Leonora Ryan



Blaise is a cross between a Business Partner, Mentor and Friend ,His keen interest and support of my Business activities were especially appreciated when I  launched my own  company. His sound advice and guidance has given me the knowledge to grow my business with confidence and to continue exploring new opportunities, knowing I can always test the theory with Blaise first.  Blaise’s consultancy service and friendship has been invaluable to my business.

Jacqui McNabb Carlow Gateway Business Centre



“I attended the OMDP course run by Blaise through the County Wicklow Enterprise Board. The course was extremely helpful to me and my business. Blaise’s form of tutoring and his extensive practical experience in business were critical. In addition his very positive attitude to life was infectious. Thanks Blaise & I hope our paths cross again in the future.
Christy O’Rourke Crime Control/Celtic Investigations”



“I attended a business development course, over a period of six months for owner managers presented and facilitated by Blaise.
In fact I almost had the benefit of three courses as my husband had completed this course – two years before me and a year after me as well – and every evening he came home with a new nugget of information in the form of advice or a memorable quotation from Blaise or an interesting case study from his vast experience and expertise in working with companies in many parts of Ireland. Blaise helped us a lot with the concept of our business and updating our Business Plan. I have been to a number of business meetings also where Blaise was one of the speakers……I recommend Blaise highly, I hope you get a chance to hear him speak or if not, have a read of one or both of his enlightening books: “You are the limiting factor” and “Jack – Business Lessons from Life, Life lessons from Business””

Mary Parkes


“Blaise’s style of teaching management development using business parables is engaging and effective. He takes a genuine and personal interest in clients and is a rock of sense in the advice he gives.”

Liam Kenny.




This is Ferghal O’Reilly here (the kitchen designer/manufacturer) I was on your MRI course last year in Naas. Just a quick email to tell you how my business has been preforming over the last year. Since I finished the course with yourself my business has been going from strength to strength and I attribute that success to you. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of a few of the many nuggets of information you thought me. ‘Do it,delay it to a specific time,delegate it,dump it’, ‘Is this the best use of my time’, ‘You haven’t much of a business if price is your main selling tool’, ‘Weak people over supply’, ‘Work smarter not harder’ (which is my personal favourite). These are just a few that come to mind.
The main thing I did after the course was I looked at what made me the most money. Kitchens turned out to be what made me the most money as opposed to furniture. I didn’t realise how much the production of furniture was draining the business. We haven’t made any furniture since last April. I have developed a number of high end ranges which gives me a niche over my competitors and sharpened up everything to do with selling. My turnover is up by about 30% and more importantly my bottom line is seriously up. These days my time is spent doing what I like, dealing with clients and a small bit in the workshop.
I have also set up a new website which (Mary and the enterprise board were very helpful with that as they gave me a grant towards it). If you have a minute you should take a look at it.
Basically I am enjoying running my business more than ever before. So I just wanted to say thank you for everything and that the course was probably the most beneficial thing I have done for my business and life.
Best of luck in the future,


Thank you Blaise, I can honestly say that a combination of the introduction to your approach to business and using it to meet the challenge I had at the time have had a positive effect on me personally and commercially and for that I’d like to thank you.

Ger Colfer


The reasons why I gained so much from the OMDP are;

  • Every Tuesday was an enjoyable experience – not a chore to go and it was a worthwhile experience.
  • Blaise gave us a structured course with an emphasis on his experience in the “real world” of business – balanced with management theory. It is critical in a management training course that the theories are matched with practice – and this happened every week.
  • We were encouraged to write down the key learning every week (golden nuggets from the session) – This list is invaluable to me from now on.
  • Blaise encouraged participation across the group and this interaction with all the class helped me learn more and enriched the total experience.

Overall it was a great experience which will enrich me in both my personal and professional life.

Declan Smith



It’s been an interesting journey and has really put us back on the right track and got me excited about business again.

I’m sure you’ve had many people tell you over the years how much influence Blaise has had on their business and their lives, and I’m another one.

Thanks again Blaise – let’s keep in touch.



“I have always said that one of the best courses I have ever done was with Blaise Brosnan – which was his Management Development Programme. Blaise’s programme ran for 7 months approx. (I attended it when I was running my own Law Firm inIreland). I enjoyed the programme so much that I was sorry when it was all over ! Blaise was a superb facilitator – he had an amazing ability to introduce business concepts in a very interesting, practical and engaging way – so that the 20 or so other business owners could have a very interesting, lively and beneficial discussion on a particular business issue. I should also say that Blaise was also a great mentor to me when I was running my own business. I trusted his advice and knew that what he was saying came from years of business experience and was grounded in lots of common sense. Blaise – I think you should come toLondonand run your programme here – I would sign up again !”

Colin Carroll Solicitor.



Thanks Blaise very much I enjoyed every minute of the course. You made everything so real and understanding and it will stay with me for the rest of my life all the best for the future take care.



I found the MDP a fantastic investment in my business and it was great to meet weekly with like minded entrepreneurs. Blaise delivered a fascinating weekly course and I learned some  advanced lessons in business life. I for one gained a huge amount from doing it. The biggest learning for me was around the the importance of focus, focus on the bottom line, focus on the best use of your time, also pricing and selling stands out and was excellent and overall there was not one week which was not really valuable. It is also very difficult working alone and this course gives you huge motivation and dare I say it, focus!
The mentoring was also excellent. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do it.

Cathy Kieran


Hi Blaise, thanks for such an insightful presentation today in Kilkenny. My walk away was know you purpose, know what’s Fear and have a niche. Thanks also for answering my question about how to manage a personal versus product branded business. Great advice.

Kind Regards, Rachel


I found your Business Re-generation Programme BRP excellent – thought provoking, down to earth, practical and a great platform for going forward. Thanks again.

Seamus Kennedy.


“Over the years, we have worked with Blaise a number of times. From general business and management issues, to more challenging and sensitive HR problems. Each time he has brought a wealth of experience and clear thinking to finding the optimum solution. We would highly recommend Blaise for forming strategies for growth and development and dealing with any management related issues.”

Garry Morris.



I recall on a daily bases many of the pearls of wisdom you imparted to us during the course, and I try as much as possible to implement the principles.

Breda C  


Hi Blaise,

As the evenings get shorter and I’m driving past theGlenviewI’ve been thinking about your MDP course again. I just wanted to thank you for all the advice and wisdom you passed on to me last winter. What I learned from you definitely got me thinking in a different way, we had a very good year end last April and are working hard to reach our targets and goals for this year. Armed with this new way of thinking I think we have a much more successful future in store for us.Thanks again for the course it was just the kick I needed at just the right time, you are always welcome to pop in for a coffee if you are passing our way.

Mike Sheehy


 Hi Blaise —- Your wisdom, teaching should be ubiquitous in every corner of society.
Thanks and regards John.

Hi Blaise

Just wanted to thank you from both of us for the opportunity to partake in the program. It really has transformed to way we do business in so many ways.

Cillían & Lisa


Dear Blaise,

I am writing to thank you for sharing your business insights with us at the Dublin City Enterprise Board event in the Hibernian Club last night. What a wonderful talk you gave, you certainly gave me food for thought – so much so that I shared a number of key points with other women entrepreneurs at a business event today.

Your way of weaving stories into your talk was memorable, and I particularly enjoyed your story of the master butcher suggesting everyone get outside the counter and look in.

Teresa Croke



Hi Blaise,


Great to meet you at the DCEB Christmas Network Event last evening. Brilliant keynote address and also helps give you that extra push that all business owners need. I totally agree with you on that you need a mentor

Ray Doyle



Hi Blaise,

I just want to say thanks again for everything I learned on the course. Developing a proper pricing structure and becoming a more confident negotiator have benefited me in a big way since finishing the course. You said to me one day “how much money did you leave on the table last year from lack of confident negotiation?”, I hadn’t really thought about it like that before, but I certainly won’t make that mistake again.

Conor Wilkins



Just a little note in relation to the OMDP course that I recently attended and facilitated by Blaise.

It was one of the most thought provoking and motivational courses I have ever attended and during the last 30 odd years I have attended many, particularly while working in the Financial Industry.

I believe that I would gain from a follow on to the course held annually ( I day) which will allow people to;

  1. Have the underlying messages re-enforced
  2. Allow individuals to NETWORK with those who have completed the course

Business opportunities may then be created which will be of benefit to all.

For myself I can state that the course has given me a new direction and indeed confidence going forward. I have now started a new Business Advisory Service with a hands on aspect and so far the response has been very encouraging. I am concentrating on Small businesses where they need someone who not only tells them what needs to be done but takes ownership of the issues as agreed.

I would not have taken this step without the input of Blaise and indeed yourselves in providing the course which I have used as a platform going forward.

Gerry Kidd



We surely are implementing some of the nuggets learned during the programme to great effect.  One example is the section on pricing & negotiation.  I have won several new clients/contracts lately simply by preparing and reviewing the negotiation techniques we covered beforehand.  More importantly, I have got the contracts on exactly the terms I set out to achieve(and I have been pushing myself beyond comfortable here).  This is an area I have always been weak in but confidence is growing all the time.

Lately, I find I am being presented with an opportunity to gain new business at least weekly.  I am not sure if this is coincidence, is due to an upturn in the local economy or perhaps as a result of the work we have put in to improve my performance in this area.  Perhaps I am better at spotting opportunities or perhaps people are picking up on the confidence and belief I now have in the solutions I offer.  Either way it is all good and looking extremely positive for 2015.

I want to thank you for your help and input last year, and I wish you every success for 2015.

David R.


Hi Blaise I would just like to thank you for all the help and support you offered during the mentoring sessions for the Westmeath heat of Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur competition.

Eoin Costello 


Your assistance to date has been instrumental – I hope I will have the opportunity to work with you again!

Michael Noble.


Hi Blaise,I found the sessions with you invaluable to my business and wanted to say ‘thank you so much’ for all of the knowledge and for spending the time with me at the end. I am redefining my purpose and ultimately I am a solutions provider in the game of wealth creation. I realize every day that I’m in a very lucky and rare position. Since starting my own business I have been so happy and to be in charge of my own destiny suits me down to the ground.

Best regards,



I thank you for all your support and guidance. I am really enjoying the OMDP programme although I find it challenging in areas this is really good for both me and my business.

It will be a wonderful achievement for me to complete this business plan and an even bigger achievement to push the business onto to the next phase.

Kind regards



Thanks Blaise for keeping me on the straight and narrow during 2014. I very much enjoy our monthly meetings and have learned so much from them about the game that is business.



Hi Blaise, many thanks once again for your assistance yesterday, you have a talent- the midwife of ideas. Much appreciated.



Blaise, thanks for saving my bacon. I will be forever grateful.




Blaise, thanks for helping me get an “aerial” view of my business.

Simon Kinsella.


Hi Blaise

I just want to thank you once again for the programme. I can honestly say, after working over 30 years in the business and attending many courses and talks etc that I have never enjoyed one as much as yours.

It stands out from all others because of how you involve each participant no matter how big or small their business is. As I said previously to you, I got exactly what I had hoped for on day one . As they say  about a well know hardware product “It does exactly what is says on the tin “ !!

I had one main ambition going in to the programme and that was, to reassure myself of the things that I was doing correctly but most importantly,  to make react to the flashing lights that I was not keeping an eye on.  It was like jigsaw pieces that finally fell together. Each w/s brought so much inspiration and a desire to go back to my business and initiate something new for that week.

I look forward to reading your books over the coming weeks too , a constant lifeline to positivity !

Many thanks Blaise,



The OMDP breaks down complicated issues into bit size practical bits and then gives guidance on how to address these successfully.

Davis Kinsella


You are some operator Blaise. Thanks so much.


Blaise, thank you for the “spark”

James Jameson.


Thanks Blaise, we certainly gained from participating in the OMDP and I am spreading the word, can’t say enough good about it 🙂
Kind regards,


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and well done you have been a through inspiration to me.

Many thanks and best wishes

John McGrath.


Hi Blaise, 

Many thanks for all of your excellent advice on the course. I’m not one for saying much but you can be assured that it was all taken on board. One of your final slides – ‘if not now, when ?’ – was an excellent way to sum it all up, and I think encouraged everyone to get down to it and put your various tips into action. 



Many thanks for the wisdom and the eye opening. It was a fantastic course and a great group.

Vincent Keeley



Thank you Blaise for your brilliant course, I learned a lot and met new people, your advise will be invaluable to me! I hope to see you soon!




“My experience of taking part in Blaise’s Owner Manager Course can simply be best compared to eating porridge for breakfast: It provides a constant slow release of inspiration, skills and tools that energises my business every day. Thank you for everything.”

 Anna Wickham