Continuing Professional Development (CPD) - MRI Wexford
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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

We can develop and deliver a range of management related workshops to facilitate your CPD as specified by your professional society. Our specialist area is Management and Professional Development Skills. We will equip you to become a more successful manager of both yourself and your team. This will then lead to you having a more successful commercial business.

Listed below are possible relevant themes.

  • Management Development.
  • Managing your Family and Family Business.
  • Learn how to adopt the Habits of successful managers.
  • Self Development Programme. o You are a Manager now.
  • Core skills you need to manage your business.
  • Post Business Start Programme.
  • Optimising your profits via better customer care.
  • How to Manage Change.
  • Improve your pricing techniques.
  • Improve your negotiating techniques.
  • Time management – short version.
  • Strategic planning programme.
  • How to play the POWER game in order to gain an “edge”.
  • Checklist you need to work on, before starting your own business.
  • Health Checking Your Business.
  • How to increase your sales.
  • Others.

Let us know your requirement and we will develop and deliver the appropriate package for you and your colleagues.

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