MRI Wexford | Understanding Motivation.
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Understanding Motivation.

Understanding Motivation.


Success = (Ability * motivation). 

Success means the progressive achievement of your pre determined objectives. 

Motivation equals the desire held in expectation, with the belief that it will be achieved. All motivation is based on this desire to satisfy the priority needs as perceived by you at that time. If this is strong enough, this desire will lead to success. 

All motivation is dependent on the strength of your needs and desires. It involves exchange and you being prepared to pay the price. Everything has a price attached. There is a price for doing and also a price to be paid for not doing. 

Motivation must appeal to your most urgent needs of the moment. There is no point in appealing to higher needs, if you are hungry. 

Fear Motivation is negative and destructive in nature. People develop a defence against it. 

Incentive Motivation is positive and involves exchange. The clearer the link between your input and the resultant output, then the greater your motivational energy will be. 

Motivation and Success go together. With motivation, you translate your expectations into reality. Here you have won the debate in your own head that your input price is worth spending in order to get your planned output as expressed by your SMART objectives. 

Our conscious needs trigger our inputs and thus our outputs. Our basic needs control our higher desires. If these basic needs are not satisfied, then higher desires will not be attainable. (Maslow). 

 Our self development needs only come to the fore if our basic needs are met. The fact that you are striving for self development indicate that you have satisfied your basic needs.