MRI Wexford | Be genuine, not just from your teeth out.
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Be genuine, not just from your teeth out.

Be genuine, not just from your teeth out.

You need to build and earn ones trust, before you can be genuinely perceived to be generous. Generosity is not about giving discounts, extra portions etc. It’s about the extra effort you put in in order to make the other person feel a bit better about themselves. You are doing it this way, not because you have to, but because you want to. It’s about managing all those “moments of truth” with a feeling of empathy.

When someone is pragmatically generous with us but does it begrudgingly, “just this one time, don’t ask again”, face scrunched with tension, then no, it doesn’t feel generous, but it’s commercially expensive both now and into the future.

A variation on kindness is design. It’s entirely possible to create space, signs or products that are brutally efficient, but cold, where no effort is put into grace or style or beauty. When the creator donates the extra time and care to make it magical, it feels generous and one responds accordingly.

Trusting generosity is the invisible grease which facilitates the cogs of your business to run smoother and faster without overheating.